Month: December 2011

The Old Republic Impresses…My First Thoughts.

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My wait is over.

At one point, as some of you already know through my earlier articles,  I was a hardcore World of Warcraft player. When it first came out, it encompassed everything that a good MMORPG should be. But as time passed, the game became more and more suited to those that had 26 extra hours in the day, and slowly crept away from the grasp of the casual gamer.

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Day 17 – Give The Gift of Game!

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We all have that one friend, the one that is so hard to buy for because all they do is sit around and play video games. Well this year, why not give them exactly what they want by buying them a game from Steam!

Now I know that Steam is normally thought of as a way to get games for yourself, but you can give games to others just as easily! By “gifting” games, you can purchase the game on your own system and virtually send it to another Steam user. Just add the game to your cart as usual, and then simply select “Purchase as Gift”. It’s that easy! It’s all the fun of giving without the horrible wrapping jobs!

So many to choose from!

Think that they’ll enjoy slaying dragons in the mystical realm of Skyrim? Steam has it. Think they’ll want to become a feared assassin like Ezio in Assassins…

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Get ramped up with Bike Baron for the iOS!

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You know when you’ve got your hands on an addictive game when you’re trying to write a review on it, but every time that you look at it on your phone, you just HAVE to play one more level. That’s how I felt while reviewing Bike Baron.

If you’ve ever played Trials HD on the Xbox360 then you know what this is all about. The two games are strikingly similar. The fact that Baron plays like Trials AND is portable is a winning combination. It’s addictive and challenging, and I literally lost about 35 minutes on the subway playing this game without realizing it!

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