Month: January 2012

Gaming on the go: A look at my favourite hand-helds.

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I’ve always been a big handheld console fan since the early days. I remember getting my original Game Boy under the Christmas tree, unwrapping it and practically losing my mind with happiness. It was so advanced, I mean, it was basically a black and white hand held Nintendo! Throughout the years, I’ve owned practically every new hand-held and with the dawn of the PSVita, I began reminiscing over my past experiences (good and bad) with the portable gaming consoles.

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Farewell Star Wars: The Old Republic, I knew you all too well.

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Oh Star Wars: The Old Republic…How I anxiously awaited your arrival. I bought your pre-order and waited for that magical day when I could download you and dive deep into your world. And dive I did, playing for hours and hours and enjoying myself while doing so. But something happened on my way from level 1 to level 24…

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Elevate your game with the MLG Pro Controller

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The controller is the gamers’ most important weapon. Finding a controller for your system that you LOVE often takes some serious gamers out of the realm of the stock options that are shipped with their systems. It becomes equally difficult if you own multiple systems, and prefer the layout of one controller over the other. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a controller that emulated both distinct layouts? (Hint: There is.)

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If you’re not playing Fragger, you should start now!

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My brother turned me on to this little game called Fragger, he said he was hopelessly addicted to it. I was skeptical, but because I’m a regular subway traveller, I’m constantly looking for something to make the mundane trips go by faster. I downloaded it, and it became crystal clear why he was so addicted to it, I couldn’t put it down!

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New Year, New Games: My Most Anticipated Games of 2012

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Happy new year to all of our awesome Biff Bam Pop readers!

With every brand new year comes the anticipation of brand new games. We spent most of the end of last year hearing about what 2012 will offer us and how awesome and groundbreaking this year will be for all of us gamers. A lot of long awaited games are being released. A new entry from the Metal Gear Solid series as well as a brand new Counterstrike are sure to top some peoples lists. One of the most widely anticipated games of 2012 has been teasing fans with a beta since fall of last year. While we’ve seen a glimpse of Diablo 3 strategy the final product isn’t out until later this year, like the rest of these big titles. Indeed, the future looks good for us.

With all the new and exciting stuff coming out, it’s difficult…

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