Month: February 2012

First impressions of the PS Vita.

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The Vita is here!

I’ve had five days to play with Sony’s new handheld, the PS Vita, and so far it’s a great experience. Here’s a rundown on my experiences with it so far, both good and bad.

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Saints Row: The Third – An Awesome Surprise!

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Saints RowI’m admittedly a bit late to the party here, but I’ve officially become a big fan of Saints Row: The Third.

It is really just a silly game, loaded with foul humor and questionable sexual references, but somehow I find myself repeatedly being drawn back into playing it. I think the reason is that, beyond all the childish laughs, the game is extremely FUN. You can do pretty much anything you want, as the sandbox-style gameplay is reminiscent of GTA and others.

The main difference here is that SR:III doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s not trying to be overly dramatic or suspenseful, it just tries to tell a fairly rudimentary story while keeping you laughing and engaged in the gameplay. It’s obvious from the beginning that the main objective here is to have as much over-the-top fun as possible.

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Biff Bam Pop’s Favorite Couples – Mario and Peach

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To say that Mario and Princess Peach are the perfect couple would be somewhat of an overstatement. The perpetually-in-peril Peach (say that five times fast) is constantly in need of rescuing, and it usually falls on the broad shoulders of the plumber-turned-hero Mario to save her, making their relationship one of necessity than of romance. They’ve never shared more than a peck on the cheek. However, they are one of the most intertwined couples in all of video game history, and my choice for favourite video game couple.

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Skyrim – Even better with texture mods!

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I beat Skyrim! Well, at least I beat the main story line, and a lot of the side quests. Here’s the thing though. The main story was good, but it was the graphics and other subtle texture mods that kept me interested all the way through till the end.

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