Month: March 2012

NFL Kicker delivers!

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I’ve been playing a lot of NFL Kicker for the iOS lately, and for such a simple game, it’s really kept my attention.

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March Madness – Can You Survive A Trip To Silent Hill: Downpour?

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Fans of the Silent Hill series of games rejoice, Silent Hill: Downpour hits the shelves today!

In it, players take the role of Murphy Pendleton, a convict who – while being transported to a new prison – ends up in a crash that leaves him in (you guessed it!) the small town of Silent Hill. You don’t really know why you’re there, but throughout the game, you find news bits and pieces of evidence that aid you in discovering exactly what’s going on.

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Vita Review – MLB 12: The Disappointment

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Lately, I’ve been spending what little time I’ve had for gaming on MLB 12: The Show on the Vita. This is a franchise that stood out on the PS3 as being one of the best looking sports games in recent memory as well as being THE best baseball game out there.

This is why I’m so disappointed with the PS Vita iteration.

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March Madness – The Effects Of Psychological Gaming

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Video games have long been an escape from reality; a place where one can go to escape the world they live in and be someone else for a while. Players get generally invested in the characters they play, making the fictitious world around them seem all that more real.

This is usually a pleasurable experience when the character you’re playing as is a hero, someone who has super powers or some high powered weapon capable of mowing down an entire block of people at once. It’s great when you play as a protagonist who is constantly in control, with the knowledge that you’re going to win, or at least not get yourself into too much trouble along the way.

This sense of safety is a good thing. And that’s exactly what psychological horror games take away from you.

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