Month: April 2012

Platformer, Dungeon Crawler and RPG? It’s Swordigo!

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I’ve always been a fan of platformer games. Their simple objective of getting from landing to landing makes for a good time when properly done. That’s why – due to the lack of physical controls on the device – I’ve always thought that finding a really good platformer on the iOS would be a difficult task, so I set about trying a few until I stumbled across a little game called Swordigo.

Great art style makes this game memorable.

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Titanic Teams – My Favourite Teamwork Games!

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Growing up with a twin brother, we almost always played video games that were made for 2 players. Sports, fps, anything multi-player would do. We only had one system in the house when I was younger, so in order for us both to get our gaming fix, it would have to be on a two-player adventure. To this day we still prefer games that we can cooperate at. There were a few stand-out games that I can remember having the most fun with, and surprisingly, they aren’t really new games. So if you’re a new gamer (Xbox/360, PS2/3) then go back and try some of these games, I can personally guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. If you remember these games, then reminisce with me!

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Draw Something!

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I’ve loved playing Pictionary since I was a kid/teenager, and I still do. Now, thanks to the new game Draw Something!, I can play it anywhere I go!

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