Month: May 2012

Diablo 3 is devilishly good! (Pun intended)

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It took longer than expected, but I finally had time to beat Diablo 3, and it was pretty impressive.

Let me start by saying (for those who don’t know, or are looking to get into Diablo for the first time) that D3 is a dungeon crawler. For some people, that’s an immediate killer. It’s a very repetitive game that doesn’t stray from it’s walk/point/kill/repeat formula. If that’s not something you’d enjoy, then it’s probably not the game for you. If it is, read on!

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Like your games quick and fun? Try Ski Safari!

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As you all know, I’m a fan of pick-up-and-go iPhone games. Games that I can turn on, play for a few minutes, and then turn off, just to pass the time… I find them incredibly addictive. I was a huge fan of Jetpack Joyride, I loved its physics, easy controls and simple interface.

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A Brief History of Main-Stream Gaming Consoles

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To tie in with May’s Origin theme, I’ve decided to write up a little something on the history of the main-stream video game console.

Even though I wasn’t around for some of the earlier iterations, I have played all of them, and all of them – while they ranged from terrible to incredible – have left a distinct mark on the culture of gaming.

Magnavox Odyssey Magnavox Odyssey

Many people think of Atari’s Pong as the starting block for video gaming when in fact, there was a little known system that predated it. In 1972, Magnavox released a console called the Magnavox Odyssey, marketed as the first true commercial home video game console. It had a peripheral light gun for a shooting gallery game, very similar to that of the Nintendo Entertainment System (Duck Hunt anyone?).

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The State of the PS Vita 2012

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I admittedly was very excited for the PS Vita launch. I had it circled on my calendar and couldn’t wait for that day to get here. It came, I bought it, and I loved it. The launch lineup was awesome with at least one really good title in most gaming categories (save for RPG, but we’ll get to that).

But then…nothing.

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