Month: July 2012

A look Back At Chrono Trigger

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One of the last great titles on the SNES was one that RPG fans had been waiting for with white knuckles. It was a game that was helmed by RPG greatness – both the creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest – and in an era where the SNES was on its way out, to be replaced by the 3D Playstation, the game stood to keep people in 2D land just a little longer.The game, of course, was called Chrono Trigger. Find out why it rocked after the jump.

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My Top 3 Batman Games Of All Time!

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A legendary character, some great games. This week, I take a look at my three favourite Batman video games of all time. Which ones make the cut? Find out after the jump!

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Comic-Con 2012 – 5 Best Comic Book Video Games

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In honour of Comic-Con 2012, on right now in San Diego, Mat Langford counts down his five favourite comic book video games. Find out what they are after the jump!

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Zombie HQ

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I’ve always been a fan of anything zombie related, especially zombie games like Left for Dead and Resident Evil. Surviving the zombie apocalypse with nothing but a baseball bat or a hand gun always seems so awesome, and I love immersing myself into those worlds.

Zombie HQ for the iOS is another game that had my interest piqued when our editor told me about it, and I had to try it out to see for myself.

Your home base, where you find missions, buy things, etc. Your home base, where you find missions, buy things, etc.

The game’s premise (or lack there of) is simple. You’re a survivor of a zombie outbreak, and you’re currently living on a rooftop in the middle of a city that has been overrun by zombies. The main goal is to survive, while building your home base into a fortress.

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