Month: September 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions

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There hasn’t really been a game in the last few years that truly recaptures that magic of the old-school Final Fantasy games. Sure, some have tried, but lackluster attempts and even progressive titles from Squeenix have fallen short, leaving FF gamers with a certain emptiness.

While Final Fantasy Dimensions on iOS – Sqaure Enix’s latest entry into the FF series – is a throwback to the old games, is it truly capable of bringing back the true feel of the games of yore? Find out after the jump.

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Go Back to School with Bully!

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It’s that time again. When the kids all go back to school and the parents breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, it’s September and the institution of education is in full swing! It reminds of this game I used to play…

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Guild Wars 2 First Thoughts

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Like a lot of MMO fans out there, I’ve recently gotten into the new free-to-play Guild Wars 2 and I have to say – judging from what I’ve played so far – I’m pretty impressed. There’s a departure from some of the more stereotypical constraints of the average MMO, and it offers a lot of content for a game that has no subscription fee. Let’s take a look at my experience so far.

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Avengers Initiative Assembles On iOS And Android!

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Avengers fans assemble!

A new iOS/Android Avengers game is coming titled Avengers Initiative, and it’s is deemed to be the “mobile gaming event of the year.”

According to the trailer, the premise is somewhat vague, but what we do know is that someone has released every super-powered criminal you’ve captured, and those criminals are now running rampant through the city. The trailer shows specific game-play controlling the Hulk only, and – though it doesn’t show any on-screen control buttons – claims that the game’s controls and high-definition visuals have been built exclusively for touch-screen devices, which could mean a better gaming experience for those jaded by shoddy controls in previous action/adventure games.

As previously stated, the trailer shows Hulk footage only, but it is revealed that this is only the first installment, and that there will be free – I smell micro-transactions! – episodic content coming that looks to include other fan favorites  Captain…

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Fieldrunners 2

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I’m admittedly a little late to the party on this one, but if you haven’t tried Fieldrunners 2 for the iOS, you don’t know what you’re missing!

For fans of tower defense games, FR2 will make you feel right at home. Instead of defending a specific point, however, you’re simply trying to stop the “fieldrunners” from getting across your screen. This is pretty simple in the opening levels, as they enter the screen from one point, and are relatively weak – allowing you to dispatch them with ease. Once you progress however, you’ll find a multitude of different units including airships, zeppelins, tanks and more coming across your screen, with varying levels of armor and speed. It gets hard…really hard.

Find out what I’m talking about after the jump!

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