Month: April 2013

Porkchop Sandwiches: A look at the infamous G.I. Joe PSA parodies

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If you grew up watching the G.I. Joe cartoons in the late 80’s, you’re most likely familiar with the PSA’s at the end that taught safety and life lessons. What you may or may not know is that way off in a small corner of the internet back in 2003, Eric Fensler and his company Fenslerfilms started making parodies of these PSA’s, and they’re still a HUGE hit over a decade later! The clips were re-workings of the original PSA’s, with new voice-overs and sometimes changes in the animation or some creative editing. They were just the normal safety hazard situations, with a new dialogue that changed the scenes’ dynamic – and often made them hilariously awkward and creepy.

Indeed, they did. Indeed, they did.

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