Month: June 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight – First Impressions

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batman1 What time is it? Batman time.

Damn delivery guy.

As I waited in the office yesterday for my copy of Arkham Knight to arrive, I actually caught myself counting the minutes. And then there he was: “Delivery for Mat Langford!”. I took the package and shook it, stating, “This sounds like an Arkham Knight!”.

“You know who the Arkham Knight is right?” the delivery guy asks. I’m not sure if it was simple elation from knowing that my game was here on time – after a bit of a mix-up with Best Buy – or simply not paying attention. But without thinking I blindly…nay, stupidly, asked, “Who?”

Before the word left my mouth, I knew that it was too late.


And there it was. Well, I kind of figured it anyway, but at least I had some shred of mystery there until this moment.

Damn delivery guy.

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Microsoft’s epic comeback at E3 2015

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Microsoft just dropped the mic at E3.

After their largely criticized showing at E3 2015, Microsoft needed to step up their game this year. And step it up they did. With the immediate announcement of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games – discs from the previous Xbox console can simply be inserted, downloaded to the hard drive and played on the newer console – MS grabbed the audience from the outset, and kept up a pace that made last year’s conference seem like a distant memory.They even took a shot at Playstation’s Now platform, claiming that they “won’t charge you to play games you already own.” Shots fired!

They announced juggernauts like Halo 5 – coming out October 27, 2015 – with its 24-player multiplayer and drop-in, drop-out co-op. Fallout 4 with mod-support, allowing you can bring modded content over to the Xbox from your PC! They showed gameplay footage from Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was basically a 5 minute white-knuckle action movie reminiscent of Cliffhanger, and they announced the next Gears of War game, with nearly 5 minutes of engaging gameplay.

These were the games we expected to some extent, but what really separated MS from the pack was their extensive list of exclusives, and their ID@Xbox indie properties, which included Tacoma, Ashen, Beyond Eyes and Cuphead – which reminds me of an old Walt Disney cartoon made into a side-scrolling shooter.

And then there was HoloLens, a virtual reality holographic gaming peripheral that revolutionizes gaming in an interesting way. It’s not just a different way to see games, it’s a different way to interact with them:

With all of the exclusives, innovations and indies, Microsoft really set a high bar for others to contend with this year. Let’s see what Playstation has to say about it when their conference airs tonight!

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