Previews – Batman: Arkham City

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Batman: Arkham City is out today, and if you’ve played the first one, then you know you’re in for a great gaming experience. There are some new features and some new scenery in Arkham City. Lets take a look.

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Stephen King Week: How Stephen King scared the heck out of 10-year old me

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The book. Read it.

I was introduced to Stephen King at 10 years old, by way of an old dusty copy of Salem’s Lot that I had found in my grandfather’s basement. Having been purchased nearly 20 years prior, it was in fairly bad shape but readable none the less, albeit a little yellowed and wrinkled. I took it upstairs and asked my mom where it came from, and she had told me that someone had bought it for her but she hadn’t been able to finish it. She was never a fan of anything scary; even to this day she closes her eyes at scary movie previews. She told me to see what I thought. That night I started reading, in the dark with a little light on overhead, and what followed was one of the most frightening reading experiences I’ve ever had.

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What’s your favorite scary game?

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It’s Halloween month here at Biff Bam Pop! What better way to kick it off than with some scary video games! There have been some games that have stuck out in my head for being truly terrifying, and if you haven’t played them, you need to! So without further adieu, here they are.

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The Kindle Fire is coming to the U.S. Sorry, Canada.

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First of all, let’s start this off by saying that the Kindle Fire is NOT an iPad killer.

Yeah, I know you’ve heard it, but let’s face it, there aren’t many things out there with the features and brand backing to dethrone the mighty Apple from the top of the tablet empire. Everyone wants to be the iPad, but it’s a daunting task, and has universally resulted in failure.

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Where do you play?

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Gaming has evolved a ton since the Pong era. Its widespread popularity has taken it to a variety of mediums: Consoles, PC’s and mobile devices have all officially become gaming machines. You really can’t argue that gaming is one of the biggest industries out there. But with all of these platforms, what is truly the best place to get your gaming fix? Let’s take a look.

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5 things that kids can learn from video games to make themselves AWESOME.

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As a champion for video games and gamers everywhere, it pains me when people refer to them as ‘time-wasters’. Video games can be an amazing source of inspiration and education. Seriously.

So, without further adieu, I give you the Top 5 things that kids can learn from video games to make themselves AWESOME.

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Mmm…Brains! It’s the Zombie Infestation!

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Zombies are everywhere lately; they’re in film, on TV and especially in our video games. With the success of games like Left 4 Dead and the Resident Evil series, it’s no wonder they’re being used as frequently as they are. But where is the line when it comes to undead oversaturation?

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