Jaws Gets Remastered On Blu-ray

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

In August 2012, Universal released a fully re-mastered Blu-ray version of the classic thriller Jaws, complete with an overhauled score and visuals. Fittingly enough for Halloween, the aquatic classic has its fair share of scares (see what I did there?), and obviously deserved a nod in out 31 Days of Horror extravaganza.

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The Worst Movie Tie-In Video Games

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After writing my piece last week, I got to thinking about how awfully bad some of the movie/TV-tie-in games are.

The main problem with the majority of these games is that they’re usually just a cash grab, quickly developed and produced to launch with some of the biggest blockbuster films or newest TV trends. While it’s worked in some cases (see: Spider Man 2 or GoldenEye 007), it usually results in an extremely poor experience, as well as a severe case of gamer regret after dropping the money on the hefty price tag usually associated with these games (though now, every gamer should know to read reviews of these tie-in games before buying them…just saying).

So, without further adieu – and in no specific order – here is my list of the worst movie tie-in games ever…after the jump.

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My favourite scary movie moments

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I love horror movies. As a lot of people have, I started watching them when I probably shouldn’t have been. I would sneak down into the living room when my parents were watching them and watch through the railing, scaring my self like crazy and then running back up to my room, scared out of my mind and having to get myself to sleep with visions of ghouls and ghosts dancing in my head.

There are some scenes that I can remember being the scariest that I have seen, the ones that really stick with you. Here they are in no particular order.

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Stephen King Week: How Stephen King scared the heck out of 10-year old me

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The book. Read it.

I was introduced to Stephen King at 10 years old, by way of an old dusty copy of Salem’s Lot that I had found in my grandfather’s basement. Having been purchased nearly 20 years prior, it was in fairly bad shape but readable none the less, albeit a little yellowed and wrinkled. I took it upstairs and asked my mom where it came from, and she had told me that someone had bought it for her but she hadn’t been able to finish it. She was never a fan of anything scary; even to this day she closes her eyes at scary movie previews. She told me to see what I thought. That night I started reading, in the dark with a little light on overhead, and what followed was one of the most frightening reading experiences I’ve ever had.

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